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Fun Family half day Puerto Vallarta
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I took this shore excursion last Spring with my 3 teenagers. They picked us up by private car taking us to a place called Cuale lsland. A beautiful place in the heart of the Romantic Zone at the foot of the emerald green Sierra Madre where the mountains meets the deep blue Pacific Ocean. The Information was given in a way that everyone hung on each word, afraid we might miss something important. There was a trivia portion which was fun, then we were all given a gift bag full of herbal products. I also got the Cempazuchitl for improving eyesight and after using it for less than 6 weeks l had a huge improvement and can even see without wearing my reading glasses. There was also some herbal cream that slows the aging process and a couple more items for fighting COVID. Colds, and other viruses. Lunch was incredible and was served with natural fruit juice, made from the guayabas picked from trees on the island. We also saw wild iguana and the sky was filled with colorful tropical birds found only in this region of Mexico. After lunch we were taken to the artisans market to look around and l bought some beautiful silver jewelry to take back as gifts. This is the place to buy your silver. Gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Some pieces were set with Jade, others with opal or turquoise. A very relaxing setting away from the noise you hear in large tour groups. There are restrooms available and an indoor lounge filled with art and all types of artisan products like silver jewelry, herbal products including a huge selection of herbal teas, local coffee which is very good, and México's dark cacao which can't be beat. We stayed till after 4 pm, but others in the group returned after lunch or some shopping. Whatever time anyone was ready to go a driver was there immediately. Oh, they also have staff that assist anyone who needs help getting around. Because about half our group were some in wheelchairs and others using canes. The mobility staff carried their personal items and anything they bought and took it to the car with the person leaving. I can highly recommend taking this Tour. It is well worth the money and many will find the conversation on herbs to be a lifesaver. Literally.

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