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Club de Pesco Puerto Vallarta


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Club de Pesco Puerto Vallarta was started in  1956 by a group of friends from Vallarta gather with Engineer Juan De Dios De La Torre, who motivated by the experience of having obtained a first place fishing in New Zealand, convinces them to organize a competition to attract fishermen from other parts of the Republic, and will confirm the abundance of fishing in the bay.These friends, who were the founders, all entrepreneurs and visionary people, pioneers of several businesses, (three of them were town mayors), believed that sport fishing could be the trigger for us to be visited by tourists.

Since the first tournament we had participants from the United States, sosince 1957 it was appointed ambitiously as “International Sailfish Tournament.”Thanks to our strongest sponsor (Mexicana), Puerto Vallarta was promoted as a destination for fishing tourism, this tournament was the first effort to promote the city and remains as our main goal, this Club wishes to put Puerto Vallarta on the international map of fisheries, along with other destinations such as Hawaii or Los Cabos, to which we have nothing to envy.

Sport Fishing leaves a significant outlay of wealth, well above other attractions of Puerto Vallarta, this fishing tourism repeats their visits according to the seasons of fish abundance of different species, as fishing can be practiced all the time.