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Cocos Kitchen


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Cocos Kitchen in Zona Romantica Puerto Vallarta

Cocos Kitchen believes that ingredients are the most important part of any dish. 

Coco’s dishes are as creative as the environment she has created. From the stuffed French toast to the inviting garden, from the roasted leg of lamb to the candle lit tables, there is always something to feast your eyes and palate on.

Passion seems to be the ingredient that you can’t buy or teach. It something most chefs are born with. Coco was born in a small town just outside of Guadalajara where she and her family picked fresh produce, raised cattle and milled corn of their land. Being raised in an environment where only the freshest and best where always on the table, ignited a passion in Coco that she can’t help but share with others.

Coco’s work ethic stems from her childhood and blossomed when she came to Puerto Vallarta as a young wife and mother in 19__. She ran a number of restaurants with her husband while raising her four children. Hard work, long hours and surrounding herself with family is something Coco has never shied away from and has always celebrated.

Family is no doubt the most important ingredient and is what has inspired Coco to do what she does best. She or one of her daughters will welcome you with a warm smile and seat you in the lovely garden. You will feel as if you are walking into their home and will be served as if you are a member of the family.