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Ferre Electrica Medina


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Hardware Store in Puerto Vallarta, Ferre Electric Medina

Ferre Electrica Medina has everything for your repair and hardware needs in Puerto Vallarta.

Good quality materials
Without a doubt, one of the strongest points when building, whatever it is, is choosing quality materials. On some occasions, to save a few pesos, the finishes may not turn out as we wish. However, if we opt for choosing quality over price, we will be more satisfied with our purchase. As they say: good things cost and what better way to buy what will really last us for a long time.

Finishes and their appearance

Another important point when we have finally decided which materials to buy is to test beforehand how certain types of materials will look on certain surfaces. This will allow us to see the final result and thus be able to be 100% satisfied with our purchase, as opposed to buying impulsively without first seeing how it could give us the final result. With tools like the internet we can even search for videos or photographs of some types of final finishes.


Maintenance is essential to preserve the appearance and main functionality of certain types of materials. We must take this into account, since there are brick, wood or stone facades in which the combination stands out and looks very good, but they also require certain types of special care to preserve their original appearance. By giving them maintenance we prevent them from being mistreated and we prevent the value of the property from depreciating.

efficient material
Sometimes certain types of very delicate materials are placed in areas that would not be the most suitable for it, such as wooden floors in humid areas or bathrooms where humidity abounds. Almost automatically, this damages the wood in a short period of time, making us spend money and effort, for not foreseeing this type of situation.

At Ferre-Eléctrica Medina we have everything you need to fulfill your personal or construction project in the most correct way. We work with quality materials and experts in various topics at your disposal. Come visit us and get to know us.