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Guardian Insurance MX Claimed


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Guardian Insurance Mx

Guardian Insurance MX is a full-service brokerage offering insurance coverage for health, auto, boat, property, travel, medical evacuation and life.

We offer

Health Insurance

Whether you are in Mexico, the U.S., Canada or any other country, your health will always be your most valuable asset. While healthcare costs in Mexico are considerably lower compared to first-world countries, facing a health issue can drastically affect your financial stability.

As an expat, one of the main problems you will face is finding a health insurance provider in Mexico that fits your unique wants and needs; Bilingual assistance anytime you need it, free election of doctors and hospitals, direct payment benefit and a policy structure simple to understand.

At Guardian Insurance MX, we have personally researched and evaluated the options in the market, and we have chosen only companies that can match and exceed your insurance expectations in every way. You can rest easy, knowing that every program that we offer is one put to the test by us, a team of expats and nationals working together towards the same goal: your satisfaction.

Mexican Plated Auto Insurance

An auto insurance designed for expats. When you purchase insurance through a bank, dealership or any service provider that is not an insurance agent specialized in expats, your experience will lack the service you need. Why? All your policy documents will be in Spanish and you will not have assistance  when you need to use your policy.

Guardian Insurance MX provides courtesy English translations and our team is fully bilingual. We will assist you during your claim, saving you from a bad experience with the other parties involved (police transit, other drivers, adjusters, etc.) that in most cases will only speak Spanish

Guardian Insurance MX offers an auto insurance that we designed with you in mind – Expats living in Mexico!

Foreign Plated Auto Insurance

When you bring your foreign-plated vehicle into Mexico, there are a few things you will need to do, and one of them should be making sure you have an auto insurance policy in place. We can help you to issue these policies in advance, so that you are insured from the moment you cross the border. You will also need to keep your Temporary Import Permit with the vehicle, as well as always carry your valid foreign driver’s license with you.

It is also important to know that the length of time these policies are issued for is determined by how long the vehicle can legally be in Mexico. That amount of time is determined by the vehicle owner’s residency status. So if you come to Mexico on a 6-month tourist visa, your vehicle’s temporary import permit will be valid for the same amount of time, as will your insurance policy. If you have your temporary residency then your vehicle permit and insurance policy can be issued for a full year. If you have permanent residency status, you are legally required to legalize your vehicle in Mexico, so it has the same status as you.

Having expats on staff and serving foreigners in Mexico allows us to issue policies of this type more often than other brokers. We have been able to identify the best companies, that provide many different options and benefits for these types of policies.

Property Insurance

Purchasing property in a foreign country can be a big investment. Whether you plan to live in it seasonally or use it for rental income, or just renting a condo unit for yourself, you can afford to protect your investment. When people vacation or live in Mexico, many choose the beach areas, and the properties in these areas present a higher risk due to hurricanes and severe weather conditions.

At Guardian Insurance MX, along with health insurance, we view property insurance as one of the most important choices you have to make. It is important for you to know how your deductibles and copayments work, and how your property will be considered in the event of a claim, as they vary from policy to policy. If you live in a condo it is also important to obtain a copy of the master HOA policy, so that we can issue your individual policy accordingly to ensure you are not over or under insuring anything.

We are happy to issue multiple quotes, with different value modifications, or coverages included or excluded, until you are completely satisfied with the amount of coverage that you will have.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance policies are usually meant to be issued for 1 day up to about 5 months, so they are meant for people vacationing in Mexico, or snowbirds that spend the winter in Mexico. After the 5 month mark the policies begin to get as expensive as private health insurance policies, with slightly less coverage. However, some travel insurance policies can be issued for a full year, and in certain situations are the best alternative, over that of private health insurance.

Besides that, preexisting conditions are completely excluded. Because of that, you are almost always eligible for a policy, so anything new that may happen is covered. With a private health policy, depending on the type and severity of your preexisting condition, you may be denied by the insurance provider.

Travel insurance is one of the most diluted insurance products on the market. With many varieties of travel insurance being provided by travel agencies, credit cards, airlines, etc. However, those policies can be very limited to the actual coverage that is provided. At Guardian Insurance MX we have done our research through working with multiple companies, and work only with providers that provide select coverages that are the most sought after by our clients.

Medical Evacuation

For most people, medical evacuation is a supplement to their travel medical insurance policy, private health insurance policy, or government provided insurance policy.

The one negative about medical evacuation is that it does not cover any medical expenses while you are in Mexico. Because of that, some people purchase a private health insurance policy. That way, you will have coverage for medical expenses in Mexico, and then in the event of anything extreme, or should you feel you want to be back closer to your home up north, you can elect to be evacuated there.

The benefit of this type of insurance is that it is elective. The medical evacuation that is built into most private health policies is not, meaning they will only evacuate you if the area you are in does not have a facility capable of treating your situation, and in that case they will only fly you to the closest location that is able to treat it. With medical evacuation, you pick the hospital you want to be taken to, and as soon as you have a doctor’s authorization, you can be elected to be flown there.

Life Insurance

Although not the most sought after policy by foreigners living in Mexico, Life Insurance is a relatively affordable option here, compared to policies in other countries. The life insurance category in Mexico encompasses a few different types of policies, and can help you and your loved ones in a number of different situations.

There are many reasons to get a life insurance policy in Mexico. Maybe you just purchased a property with a mortgage and the bank is requiring a policy that matches the amount and/or length of time of your mortgage. Maybe you have married with a Mexican spouse, and have Mexican children, and you want them protected in Mexico should anything happen to you.

Within these policies, if the beneficiary is a dependent minor, you can choose the age you wish for them to receive the payout, so it can essentially become a trust fund to be used for higher education, etc. There are also some insurance policies that work as a retirement plan, where you get the payout at the end of the term.

Boat Insurance

Bringing your sea vessel into Mexico is relatively similar to bringing your foreign-plated vehicle into Mexico. You will receive a temporary import permit, and it is also important that you get a Certificate of Maritime Safety, which can be issued by your local harbormaster. Unlike vehicle insuranceliability insurance for boats is governed on a national level, and there is a minimum amount of liability required for all boats while in Mexican waters, however there is no specific amount stated.

The premiums for these policies are based on items such as power type, length, age, and construction material. Unlike other countries, a recent survey is only required for vessels older than a certain age. The mandatory liability policies that are required by law can be issued rapidly, and can be obtained before you enter into Mexican waters.

At Guardian Insurance MX, we recognize the boating community as a large and unique community of its own. We also recognize that both the West and East coast of Mexico contain some of the most sought after tropical shorelines, coves, fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving in the entire world. Often boat insurance is overlooked by other brokerages and insurance companies, but we want you to enjoy the time you spend on your boat worry-free. We only offer the products of companies that have a reputation for sea vessel insurance knowledge and claim payouts.


When is the best time to get health insurance? Health insurance is a crucial safety net that everyone should consider obtaining. Whether you are young and healthy or approaching your later years, securing health insurance is essential in protecting yourself and family from medical expenses.

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