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Massage and Holistic Therapy by Jose Oviedo

Todo Vallarta

4.9/53 Reviews

Puerto Vallarta Massage and Holistic Therapy by Jose Oviedo

Massage and Holistic Therapy by Jose Oviedo will help you connect to your body, listen to it and feel it.

Through Physical contact we can gain safety, that a caress can feel nice because it wards off loneliness, calms fears, opens the door to feelings of gratitude and strengthens our self-esteem.

I am Jose Oviedo from Venezuela. I have lived in Mexico for 2 years. I began to believe in my potential and my power of creation and healing some years ago. Since then my life has changed completely. I feel much more confident, very calm, and full of peace, but above all I feel in constant progress and evolution.

The Holistic therapy that I will present below is apart of my growth as a professional and as a human being.

I thank you and ask you to allow me the opportunity to share with you how beautiful it feels to listen to yourself and love yourself unconditionally.

Holistic Massage Therapy

In general massages make us feel relaxed, comfortable or empowered. During a massage the body is increasing its production of natural relaxing, pain-relieving or energizing chemical. In addition to feeling good, regular massages and intimate touch detoxify body tissues, stimulate circulation, calm the mind and improve immune functions.

Everything is interconnected, healing our mind also heals our body. To manifest anything positive or negative, we need to put ourselves in an emotional state. Both negative and positive emotions attract experiences into our lives, so if your desire is to become a better version of yourself, your emotions are guiding you.

In this therapy we receive the energy from land, sun, flora, and water. Along with all of this energy, we let the magic of healing music flow in our being, and through enveloping movements with refreshing and stimulating smells, we thank the body for its existence and for all that it contributes to us.

Holistic Relaxing Massage

A complete treatment that includes relaxation of the muscular system, detoxification, improvement of joint function and emotional release. Relaxing for both body and mind, this massage uses various techniques and oils, depending on the characteristics of the person receiving it.

The touch can be soft and sedative, slow and heavy, or vigorous and activation. Additionally, enriched oils and herbs can be used to enhance the experience.


  • Energentic Frequency Alignment
  • Hydrating Facial
  • Gratitude to Your Energetic Body
  • Massage

60 minutes / $50 USD / $1000 MXN

90 minutes / $60 USD / $1200 MXN

Holistic Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is the massage of strong pressure and manipulation. Its main objective is to release chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow movements and deep finger pressure on the most problematic areas, either by following or going though the fibers of the muscles, tendons and facia

This process unfolds the muscle fibers, while releasing deep-seated patterns of tension, elimination toxins while relaxing and calming the muscle


  • Energentic Frequency Alignment
  • Body Stretching
  • Gratitude to Your Energetic Body
  • Massage

60 minutes / $60 USD / $1200 MXN

90 minutes / $70 USD / $1400 MXN

Holistic Foot Reflexology Massage

Through foot reflexology, organs, muscles and other parts of the body can be treated, stimulation the body’s own self-healing mechanisms. Of course, in addition to all of this, direct and localized treatment is performed on the feet, helping to remedy and prevent many problems in the area.

This therapy requires no substance or tool other than the hands of your masseur. It is a therapy that consists of pressure on different points of the foot.


  • Energetic Frequency Alignment
  • Foot Exfoliation and Hydration
  • Gratitude to Your Energetic Body
  • Massage (Legs and Feet)

60 minutes / $40 USD / $800 MXN

90 minutes / $50 USD / $1000 MXN

Holistic Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is a technique only focused on areas where the tension or contracture that disturbs you accumulates.

This therapy helps to decontract the body so that good energy can flow freely

An excellent benefit of this massage is that it will strengthen your immune system as there is a great increase of endorphins in the bloodstream


  • Energetic Frequency Alignment
  • Hot or Cold Therapy
  • Cupping Therapy
  • Massage

60 minutes / $60 USD / $1200 MXN

90 minutes / $70 USD / $1400 MXN

Access Energetic Facelift

The Access Energetic Facelift is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face and reverse the signs of aging on the face and throughout the entire body.

The gentle soothing touch applied to your face and neck works with your body’s cells to restore, enliven and rejuvenate

While receiving an Access Facelift, many different energies are applied to the body and face, and. there are many possibilities to discover what can be released.


  • Energetic Frequency Alignment
  • Access Bars Session
  • Gratitud to Your Energetic Body
  • Elevation of Consciousness

45 minutes / $75 USD / $1500 MXN

Holistic Facials

This is a non-invasive treatment that will help you balance the oil and hydration levels of the skin. Your face will feel luminous and full of brightness.


  • Deep Cleansing with Skin Scrub
  • Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Shock
  • High Frequency Therapy Deep Hydration
  • Mask Phototherapy with LED Mask
  • Mask Revitalizing Massage

60 minutes / $50 USD / $1000 MXN

Access Consciousness

It is a body therapy that allows your body to begin to discharge all the thoughts, feelings,
emotions, ideas, attitudes, decisions and limiting beliefs you have had about anything.

There are 32 points in the head that when touched gently and effortlessly release anything that
prevents you from feeling joy and tranquility in your life.

“Imagine that you can break old mental structures that condition you at the moment of choosing
for progress in love, work, money, in life itself.”

This is an opportunity for you to let go of everything!

Thanks to this therapy you can manage to combat anxiety, depression, frustration, lack of sleep,
attention deficit, hyperactivity or obsessive compulsive personality disorder.


  • Access Bars Session
  • Energentic Frequency Adjustment
  • Gratitude to your Energetic body
  • Elevation of Consciousness

45 minutes / $80 USD / $1600 USD

3 Reviews for Massage and Holistic Therapy by Jose Oviedo

Awsome Experience!

We’ve been getting regular deep tissue massage for 35 years. Jose’s fees are higher than average in Puerta Vallarta, but HE is worth it. Jose is a master massage therapist. The young woman who massaged my wife was an average therapist, yet she charged the same price as Jose. The trainee does not deserve the same payment as the master. Stick with Jose!

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Rafael Casanova 1 Reviews
Great massage

During my stay in PV, I had two massages from Jose and they were fantastic. The first one, a deep tissue, hit the spot very well and released me from many knots on my back and shoulders. The second one was more energy related and I was able to feel the healing. Now days latter, I am feeling great. I highly recommend Jose

Was this review ...? Interesting 2 LOL 0 Love 2
Kirk 1 Reviews
What a beautiful experience

They provided a beautiful experience, not only doing a deep tissue massage but engaging all other senses as well. It left us relaxed and serene after a hard week of partying and adventuring around Vallarta. When we return, we will definitely be hiring them again!

Was this review ...? Interesting 4 LOL 1 Love 5