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  1. Mazcal’s Artisan and Herbal Marketplace is your haven for natural healing and holistic wellness! Nestled in the heart of our vibrant community, Mazcal’s Artisan & Herbal Marketplace is a haven for those seeking the very best in herbal health products and chemical-free health treatments.

Step into our enchanting marketplace and immerse yourself in a world of ancient remedies and botanical wonders. Our market is a celebration of the Earth’s bounty, where you can discover a wide array of artisanal and handcrafted products, all thoughtfully curated to nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

At Mazcal’s, we believe in the power of nature to heal and rejuvenate. Our herbal health products are carefully sourced and crafted with utmost care, ensuring that each item is of the highest quality. From aromatic teas and tinctures to soothing salves and balms, our shelves are stocked with an extensive selection of herbal remedies designed to support your well-being.

What sets us apart is our commitment to chemical-free health treatments. We understand the importance of avoiding synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals in your wellness journey. That’s why we partner with skilled practitioners who offer a range of alternative therapies, from acupuncture and massage to herbal consultations and energy healing. These treatments are designed to harmonize your body’s natural rhythms and promote overall balance and vitality.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to assist you on your wellness journey. They can provide guidance, answer questions, and offer recommendations tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re seeking relief from a specific ailment, looking to enhance your daily self-care routine, or simply exploring the world of natural health and wellness, Mazcal’s Artisan & Herbal Marketplace is your trusted companion.

In addition to our products and treatments, our market often hosts workshops and events, bringing together like-minded individuals who share a passion for holistic living. It’s a space for learning, sharing, and growing on your path to optimal health and well-being.

At Mazcal’s Artisan & Herbal Marketplace, we invite you to rediscover the wisdom of traditional healing practices, connect with the healing power of nature, and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more vibrant you. Come join us in celebrating the beauty and efficacy of herbal remedies and chemical-free health treatments as we nurture your body, mind, and soul. Your holistic well-being awaits at Mazcal’s!

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A new and easy place to find us. Ask questions, book an appointment, an activity or shore excursion to learn more about Mexican herbs and how they may improve the quality of your life.

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Tour, Activity, Shore Excursion .Our small group tour or activity titled 'The Healing Herbs of Mexico' was originally designed for cruise ship passengers but is now open to visitors staying in the area. The activity costs $95 per person and includes transfers from either the passenger pier in Puerto Vallarta or your hotel, condo, or vacation rental. You’ll be provided with chilled bottled water, a delicious lunch, and a gift bag of popular herbal products. During the tour, you’ll learn about the numerous herbs used in healthcare along with their benefits such as curing once incurable diseases, preventing aging, restoring hair growth, improving eyesight, and healing wounds quickly. You’ll also learn about the importance of a healthy diet and what vegetables and fruits complement a healthy lifestyle and can contribute to avoiding a health crisis. After lunch, you’ll have time for shopping with the artisans of Cuale Island who have handcrafted beautiful items including jewelry, art, clothing, hand-rolled cigars, woven baskets, delicious food to take home, and much more. You can enjoy live music before being driven back to your pick-up point at a time convenient to you that afternoon. This is the second year of operating this unique activity which is designed for those who want to do something but mobility may be an issue. The facility on Cuale Island has staff available to assist in getting you around during your visit in addition to guest restrooms, an indoor lounge to relax in, snacks and beverages, and everything needed to make you feel welcome on this gorgeous landscaped paradise 1. For more information or booking online, please visit their website at or send them an email at You can also call us at +52 (322) 150-2957 in Mexico or leave a voicemail on their US line at +1 (956) 303-7976 Someone will get back to you right away! #Tour, #Activity, #ShoreExcursion #MobilityImpaired #Unique #LunchIncluded #HerbalGiftBagIncluded. #PuertoVallarta #MexicanHerbs #HolisticTour

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Q Do you have any educational activities or informal groups?

$95 Includes roundtrip transfers from local hotels, condos, or the cruise ship port to Cuale Island. A delicious lunch is served, a gift bag of popular herbal products (one for him too), a fascinating discussion on the herbs many people are unaware of that have been discovered to cure some disease, keep skin looking young by natural properties that defy aging, improve eyesight, heal wounds faster than any pharmaceutical product, detox contaminants from the body, provide effective cold and covid care, prevent or slow hair loss, and many more proven applications depending on product and condition. All of our products are chemical free and contain zero dyes or fragrances. See detqils here:

Q How do you reach Mazcal's?

Phone +52 (322) 150-2957 "WhatsApp"
always online at

Q How long have you been in business?

Over 50 years serving this area, with clients all around the world that come to us each year to stock up, or we ship to them if they are unable to come to us.

Q Do you accept US dollars?

Yes, we accept USD, MXN, GPay, $CashApp, bank wire transfers and ach deposits to our US Bank.

Q How much is shipping your products to the US or Canada

Right now we have a contracted price with FedEx for a flat fee of $19 to anywhere in the US or Canada and slightly higher to Europe. This is for a box of up to 5 kilo in weight.

Q Is there a fee just to visit Mazcal's?

No, visitors are welcome go visit, but a good idea to call ahead and let us know when you would arrive. The only service wd charge for is the half day activity whicg includes a number of features, even a delicious lunch.

6 Reviews for Mazcal's Artisan and Herbal Marketplace

Cpennyc 1 Reviews
Fantastic Market

Love this market! I’ve been using Mazcal products for 5 years. I also have an apartment full of Dale’s artwork. Love Jorges jewelry, stunning pieces!

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JustlnMecivo 1 Reviews
Our Cuale Island Blind Date.

I didn’t know what to suggest for this blind date my friend setup, but found out she liked history, shopping and was onto a natural lifestyle. This was recommended by a friend who knew people that took It and they said it was fun. 1. Yes fun, 2. Shopping there too if you are looking for hand made things, 3. the lunch was fantastic 4. Everything my date liked was there so this was good deal for me. Prices on the things sold were less than most other places. Probably because they were sold by the maker.

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TexasGranny 1 Reviews
Rainy Day Tour

It had been pouring rain in Puerto Vallarta for two days and we were not going to spend a day inside. I saw an ad for this Mazcal tour on Todo and called to see if they were offering it on bad weather days. 24/7 rain or shine they told me, because they have a facility to do this either indoors if it’s pouring rain or on a large shaded plaza if it’s a nice day. Inside they had a large number of hand made products from art to jewelry and teas, coffees, and more beautiful things. Outside the focus was on México’s long history of using herbs found here to cure many diseases and used today in many of the same situations plus restore eye health and regain better vision, treat anxiety, naturally reduce weight gain, slow the aging effects, too many to mention. Then a nice lunch some shopping for me while the two guys had a beer at a neat little bar just steps away on the island. We were taken back as soon as we said we are ready to leave. One of their guys loaded all my packages into the car and we’re back at the hotel in 5 minutes. I really liked this.

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My son and a friend visited Puerto Vallarta last year and wanted something different to do. We had been there three times before and taken most of the popular daytime activities and one shore excursion. Well worth the cost considering everything that’s included. We were picked up at our vacation rental and driven to the walk bridge connecting Cuale Island to Old Town. We were quickly checked in and taken to our seats in a shaded plaza, given a cold bottled water and the program started on time. Very interesting talk about the number of herbs used in Mexico for centuries and how they are finally starting to make their way into mainstream health. They gave us a gift bag of products, the guys got one each too. Things men would use. There was an opportunity to speak with an herbalist if we had questions. I didn’t, bit took their information and was glad l did several months later when l had a problem and wanted to avoid taking expensive pharmaceuticals. Lunch was delicious then we shopped at the artisan market right there before being driven back to our rental mid afternoon. For something a little different that doesn’t involve a lot of walking or hiking and is away from those loud ATV s this is perfect and l would do it again just for the gift bag and beautiful lunch. Teenagers up would probably like this too and they’ll learn something healthy at the same time.

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Gaymin 1 Reviews
Fun Family half day Puerto Vallarta

I took this shore excursion last Spring with my 3 teenagers. They picked us up by private car taking us to a place called Cuale lsland. A beautiful place in the heart of the Romantic Zone at the foot of the emerald green Sierra Madre where the mountains meets the deep blue Pacific Ocean. The Information was given in a way that everyone hung on each word, afraid we might miss something important. There was a trivia portion which was fun, then we were all given a gift bag full of herbal products. I also got the Cempazuchitl for improving eyesight and after using it for less than 6 weeks l had a huge improvement and can even see without wearing my reading glasses. There was also some herbal cream that slows the aging process and a couple more items for fighting COVID. Colds, and other viruses. Lunch was incredible and was served with natural fruit juice, made from the guayabas picked from trees on the island. We also saw wild iguana and the sky was filled with colorful tropical birds found only in this region of Mexico. After lunch we were taken to the artisans market to look around and l bought some beautiful silver jewelry to take back as gifts. This is the place to buy your silver. Gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Some pieces were set with Jade, others with opal or turquoise. A very relaxing setting away from the noise you hear in large tour groups. There are restrooms available and an indoor lounge filled with art and all types of artisan products like silver jewelry, herbal products including a huge selection of herbal teas, local coffee which is very good, and México’s dark cacao which can’t be beat. We stayed till after 4 pm, but others in the group returned after lunch or some shopping. Whatever time anyone was ready to go a driver was there immediately. Oh, they also have staff that assist anyone who needs help getting around. Because about half our group were some in wheelchairs and others using canes. The mobility staff carried their personal items and anything they bought and took it to the car with the person leaving. I can highly recommend taking this Tour. It is well worth the money and many will find the conversation on herbs to be a lifesaver. Literally.

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Thomas Wilson 1 Reviews

I went last year in March and really enjoyed it. Every informative and the people running it were hospitable and fed us a delicious lunch. We didn’t purchase anything until months later when l began having problems with gout. They sent me some herbal supplements and it was cleared up in about 2 months. Yes, I recommend this tour and their expertise on the subject. The gift bag was cool too

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