Natural Encounters Birding Tours


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Natural Encounters Birding Tours offers birders first-class travel to fascinating worldwide destinations. Eager to share his expertise, skill, and boundless appreciation for the natural world, Greg R. Homel, along with his carefully chosen top-class local guides, will bring you to the birds you’ve always dreamed of seeing and some you might never have imagined an opportunity to witness for yourself.
Greg has traveled to all seven continents and seen more than half of the planet’s species of birds wild in their native habitats; even when not guiding clients, he’s tirelessly observing birds in familiar locations–and scoping out birds in new ones. You’ll find his enthusiasm and energy contagious. And you’ll have access to more than merely his astounding knowledge as an ornithologist and naturalist. Bring your camera and let Greg share secrets for getting the best photographs, whether you’re on expedition with Natural Encounters or at home in your own backyard.
So bring your camera (and plenty of memory cards) on a Natural Encounters Birding Tour but leave behind your worries! Greg handles all the logistics. Each tour is all-inclusive, including accommodation, in-country travel, and meals… Greg and his guides know where to get the best food! To maximize everyone’s birding experience, each tour is usually limited to six participants, so reserve a place in your favorite itineraries early.
In today’s increasingly busy and increasingly stressful world, it’s increasingly important to keep contact with the natural environment. What better way to do that than with the adventure of a Natural Encounters Birding Tour?
Greg looks forward to showing you more of the world you live in.