OCULTO cenas El Arrayán


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A brand-new, unique gastronomic experience in Puerto Vallarta.
Una experiencia gastronómica única en Puerto Vallarta.
Following 17 years of success at the popular traditional Mexican restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, El Arrayán, our professional team with a deep passion for food, beverage, and service has come together to transform our love for cooking and restaurants into a brand-new gourmet experience in Puerto Vallarta.
With over 80 years of combined experience in food and hospitality, our core team is inspired by our travels throughout Mexico and abroad, combining truly Mexican ingredients, flavors, and creative preparations to awaken a spark within our guests, exciting any food-lovers palate. Our set menus combine the very best of Mexican flavors and unique cooking techniques to create an intimate experience that will linger in our guests’ hearts and palates for a long time.
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