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The Healthy Healing Goddess Claimed


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The Healthy Healing Goddess Holistic Therapy in Puerto Vallarta

The Healthy Healing Goddess will to take the next step in awakening to your true healing powers

Maybe you are seeking to heal yourself from physical pain, overcome emotional traumas, release old patterns that are no longer serving you, become more active, learn how to eat better, or in general just seeking to live a happier, healthier, stress-free life.

Whatever has drawn you, I am happy that you are here, and I look forward to connecting with you and being able to guide you along your way to realizing the power that you have within you to truly heal your own life.

If we take the OpportUNITY to Connect, we may just find CommUNITY in that connection, and we all have an innate need for that connection, that community, that unity.

​It is important that each of us find someone to work with along this journey who we truly resonate with. Someone that we feel a connection to and feel that we can be completely open with in regards to our struggles.

​I used to see my struggles as nothing but difficulties that I had to face, somewhat unfairly. Now I see the challenges that my life has presented me over the years as gifts.

​Without having these challenging experiences myself, I would not be able to have the understanding of others who have faced similar adversities, challenges, and traumas.

By working with someone I trusted, and working through my traumas, I now have the ability to pay this beautiful gift forward and be a guiding energy in helping you to awaken to your true and powerful ability to heal your life as well.

I believe in YOU!

​If you are ready to take the next step in awakening to your true healing powers, I would love to connect with you.

Send me a short (or long) email in regards to what you are seeking in your life, and lets begin construction on this beautiful new you waiting to bloom!