Florios Versalles


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Florios Restaurant Colonia Versalles Puerto Vallarta

Florios Versalles is an Italian-Argentine restaurant. Fire and Country Cuisine. All done in a wood oven. Unique Homemade Recipes Fusing Italian and Argentinian Traditions. Pasta, Pizza, Meat, Fish, Argentine Empanadas and more. Come and live it!

Florios was born in Puerto Vallarta in March 2012 with an Italo-Argentine gastronomic creation, inspired by the Italian Cuisine of the Florence Region combined with the roots of our Chef Miguel Valenzuela originally from Entre Ríos Argentina.
This is how our name FLO-RÍOS is created, a kitchen with a lot of fire and flavor.
From that year to date we continue to make magic in the kitchen, to always offer you the best, vibrating with much love, peace and harmony for all of you.
Located in a mansion full of history in the center and heart of the city, the first Municipal President of Puerto Vallarta, José de Jesús Langarica Salcedo, lived in this house in the period of 1921-1922. You can still appreciate the architecture that this house had when looking at the surroundings.
The most important thing for us is to make you feel at home and with the intention of satisfying all your senses with each of our dishes, which preserve their homemade and artisanal touch based on natural products and ingredients. The setting, music and decoration are key points to give them the best welcome and give them unforgettable moments. This is Florios, a place you will want to visit often. TOTAL THANKS!