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Tantra or Kink Experience Claimed

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Can you imagine what it would be like to feel held, understood, and given the space to expand to your fullest authentically expressive self? Explore the hidden pathways of your deepest truths, with a safe and grounded experience led by a skilled practitioner. Unlock the expansion emerging through the integration of shame and trauma, early erotic cues, and unmet attachment needs. Using the newest models from sex and relationship psychology, spirituality and social science….you’ll be given a unique profile describing your needs, the path to your ideal human connection, and an offering to experience this digitally or in person.

What would a typical session look like? First we meet in a neutral environment to ensure we’re a good fit. I’ll provide opportunities to ask questions and get a sense as to how I might curate an experience that is uniquely suited to your complex selves and identities. Traversing gender, sexuality, power and identity boundaries… we will go on a collaborative journey to create transcendence. Session options include tantra massage and energy work, trauma integration role play, BDSM exploration along the full spectrum of power exchange, holding, rocking, rebirthing, ASMR using psychological and hypnosis tools to soothe and ground, and counseling to explore relationship needs and skill growth. I can’t guarantee you won’t still feel shame, body or performance insecurities and fears,  or relationship stress, but you’ll leave our time together with a renewed sense of self and skills to embark on more independent exploration.

You are worthy of integrating your shame into your pleasure, of taking control of your desire and expression, with safety and support.

My ideal client is self aware and on the journey to personal growth, open to feedback and exploration. What have you told yourself can’t change? Let me change your mind.