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Tierra Luna Village


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Tierra Luna Village Gardens

Tierra Luna Village is located in the heart of Garza Blanca Preserve, you will find a new concept of TAFER Hotel & Resorts: TierraLuna. The ideal place to be one with nature.

The magic of TierraLuna resides in the fact that the light of the moon, when encountering the beauty of the natural world, is capable of fulfilling every earthly dream. TierraLuna is located on the side of the mountain, offering views of the exuberant vegetation that the Sierra Madre and the Pacific Ocean offer to its visitors. It is a place that belongs to their roots and, although at nightfall the moon illuminates everything in its path, during the day, it is the land of the eternal sun.

In this dream space, the moon and the earth have come together to create a community space that connects visitors with nature and with each other.