Todo Vallarta, How and Why We Created It

Buenos Dias, My name is James. I am a travel and tourism content creator.  During the pandemic I started a new project and after 2 years it is finally ready.  I am proud to present

TodoVallarta was designed to show Vallarta in a new way and to be open and accessible to ALL VALLARTA

Mexican Faces

I would rarely see Mexican faces in marketing for Puerto Vallarta, and almost never the face of a local.  I saw hundreds of pictures and videos of new hotels, empty beaches, the Muelle or plate of food or a lone cocktail.   This most special part of Vallarta for me is its wonderful people. It is the hearts and souls of the local people that will make tourists from around the globe flock to Puerto Vallarta.  At Todo Vallarta we showcase the talented and created people behind each product, service or destination.

To further celebrate and honor the local community, Todo Vallarta is creating a weekly interview series featuring a local person or family.  We call this series “Pata Salada de la Semana”.  Each week we will feature locals from all walks of life sharing their stories and perspectives on Puerto Vallarta.

See Pata Salada de la Semana

Tourist Guides

Most tourist guides are not designed for local businesses or tourists. They are high-priced advertising platforms that offer limited options to tourists and most local businesses cannot afford to be listed. Most tourists leaf through the brochures once and then they go straight in the trash.

We’ve created a new directory where any business, large or small, can create a listing in two minutes from any computer or mobile device. Each business receives a user panel and can easily update photos and information and easily create coupons, events, promotions and more.

Members can send and receive messages directly with potential customers. We work directly with clients to help them with new photos and videos. We believe it’s important to show the world the faces and hearts behind your business.

Members can create calendar events in advance and announce special offers and last minute promotions instantly.

Learn How to List Your Business, Vacation Rental, Boat Rental and More in Our Directory

Refining Online presence

Small businesses here are often hard to find. Many don’t have websites, aren’t on Google, and can’t afford to be listed in guidebooks. The location of contact information and business information are often incorrect on social networks.

To attract customers, many constantly post to the same Facebook groups. New and prospective visitors are often unaware of these groups and never see these businesses. We help these businesses refine their online presence and expose them to new potential customers.

For example: I recently moved to El Cerro. I noticed Felipe’s ceviche in Aldama. I have been coming to Vallarta for years but I had never seen it. Felipes is a simple restaurant but the ceviche is incredibly fresh and lovingly prepared by a wonderful man. Our platform has been promoting it and I have seen more customers every day. This is great for tourists and great for the local economy.

Attract Customers Before They Arrive
Many businesses compete for sales on the streets of Vallarta through paper advertisements, plastic banners or 2 for 1 promotions. This is overwhelming for tourists and often results in a “no thanks”. We show these amazing products and services as unique and special.

By creating a platform where incoming visitors can view quality photos and videos in an organized directory, it is beneficial to both the local economy and the tourist that feeds it. Visitors can view cultural events, restaurants, shops, activities, galleries and more before arriving. They can plan to see more, try more, buy more. Our goal is to highlight businesses that cannot be found in any other directory.

Many tourists want to explore more of the local people and culture. By housing all of these businesses in one directory, it’s easier for visitors to share their favorites with others planning to visit Vallarta.


Reviews on Google, TripAdvisor, etc. They are usually reviews from people who are only in Vallarta for a week. Many have not explored outside of the romantic zone. We could have incorporated these reviews on my website, but we decided to start over. We want you to build a review system, get real feedback from the people who live here, work here, eat here, and shop here.

Showing Things from a Different Perspective
I have been filming pilgrimages to the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe for years. I think it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in the whole world.

During these days and nights the church bells can be heard throughout Vallarta. I went to Father Arturo with a request. Everyone hears these bells, but I told Father that he thought it was important that we all see the hands and faces creating these sounds for us. With a big smile he gave me permission to go up the bell tower and film these dedicated young people. You can watch this video at

Voladores de Papantla
I live in Colonia Centro and I can see the Voladores de Papantla from my house. Over the summer I watched these men perform over and over again in the brutal heat. I watched countless people take photos, make videos, and walk away without tipping the men or even thanking them. I created a video with five cameras, two attached to the men. When people see videos like these, they will have more respect, gratitude, and gratification for these men.

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