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How it Works

Welcome to Todo Vallarta

Directory & Booking Platform

Todo Vallarta Directory

The Directory is for promotion of a business or company. Search to see if you business is already listed in our directory. If there is a listing already you can take control of the page by clicking "Claim Now" You can create a new listing by clicking on "Add Listing" from the homepage. You listing includes your hours, contact, links to website and social media and a contact form customers can use to contact you.

todo vallarta user guide

Use Your Dashboard to Promote Your Business

Once your new listing or claimed listing is approved by our team, you will receive a user dashboard. From your dashboard you can easily create coupons, events, promotions and more. You simply answer a few questions about your event or promotions and attach a photo and the site will automatically generate and promote your events and promtions to the homepage?

todo vallarta guide dashboard

Additional Ways to be Featured on the Homepage

Sell Your Tours, and Tickets or Vacation Rentals on Todo Vallarta Experience.TodoVallarta.com

Experience.todovallarta.com is the booking platform on Todo Vallarta. This part of the site is for promoting individual offering of the businesses in the directory. You can list tours, activities, boat rentals, yacht charters and more. Send us your broker price and details for each activity and we will create new beautiful listing for your products and services and optimize the pages for google.

Todo Vallarta screenshot
Todo Vallarta screenshot

Experience.TodoVallarta User Dashboard

Once you have created your account you can easily monitor traffic, booking history, statistics and revenue. You can change your pricing and listing information or adjust your calendar with speed and accuracy. We can sync with your Ical for seamless booking.

Todo Vallarta screenshot dashboard

Get Your Product or Service Live in Minutes

Simply click on "Add New Listing" and your vacation rental, tour, activity or experience can be live and available for sale on Todo Vallarta in minutes. Fill out the infomation in the online form, attach your photos, and you ready to start receiving clients. If you have a property management company, real estate agency or multiple offerings we can embed all of your products and services on your page in the directory offering clients speed and ease of booking.

Need Photos, Videos, and Marketing

Todo Vallarta has a team of talented photographers, videographers, editors, and marketing experts that can help you create content for your listing on Todo Vallarta and for your own website and social media platforms. For more information and rates contact us at info@todovallarta.com

Todo Vallarta Magazine

Get to know the local people and culture of Puerto Vallarta. Each week Todo Vallarta will be featuring different local artists, musicians, restaurants, bars, and experience unique to Vallarta in our online magazine. We are most excited about our weekly profile of those native to Puerto Vallarta. It is a celebration of the people and families that made Vallarta what it is today. They are the heart and soul of this town and it’s time to celebrate them. The series will be called “Pata Salada de la Semana”. If you would like to be featured or your would like to nominate someone you know email us at info@todovallarta.com. If you are an artists, designer, writer, photographer or anyone who is interested in collaborating with us please contact us by phone or email

Puerto Vallarta People and Culture Todo Vallarta Magazine
Puerto Vallarta People and Culture Todo Vallarta Magazine
Puerto Vallarta People and Culture Todo Vallarta Magazine